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CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS, LLC will work with children with disabilities and their families to effectively interact with the child’s educational team. Together, we will gather information, review the educational rights and laws regarding children, determine the child’s strengths, weaknesses, present levels of achievement and any concerns about the child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, adaptive and/or communicative development. This process will be especially helpful in determining what, if any, evaluations will be needed to investigate any possible disabilities. A list of professionals may be suggested in order to receive appropriate evaluations if needed.

OUR GOAL is to inform parents of the steps in the special education process and encourage them to familiarize themselves with the procedural safeguards, which are rights that are provided to parents and school districts in the special education process..

THE SPECIAL EDUCATION PROCESS is most effective when parents and school personnel are well-informed and able to work together. If problems occur that cannot be settled easily, procedures are available to resolve them ”. -The Parent Information Center

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